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September 29, 2014

Leadership Update

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Preparing for CPLP
Orlando, FL Workshop
May 15-16, 2015

National ATD is offering a two-day workshop that helps you create a personalized study plan to become a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP). You’ll begin to prepare for both the CPLP knowledge-based exam and the work product submission.

Learn more and register for this workshop.

Certified Professional in Learning and Performance  - Exam Study Group

Looking to upgrade your professional credentials? ATD's Certified Professional in Learning & Performance certification is the way to go.

This fall, ATD Tallahassee is hosting study groups for the CPLP certification exam. We're looking for workplace learning and performance professionals serious about their career to join a study group in preparation for taking the exam.

Certification exams are given in September and November; each study group will meet approximately 8-12 weeks before the exam date. Groups will have the support of experienced chapter members and national ATD staff and include the updated version of ATD's Learning System.

Interested in being part of a study group? Contact Kevin Kjellerup at kevin19kjellerup@yahoo.com 

The Certified Professional in Learning and Performance certification equips you with the tools to be the best in the field and tells employers that you have real world, practical expertise that can be readily applied to the current work environment. CPLP gives you the capability, credibility and confidence to be a high performing contributor in your organization.

Learn more about the CPLP.

National Joblines

Looking for job listings across the nation?  Check out ATD's Job Bank

We also recommend ProEdit.

Both are excellent tools that can assist you in finding employment or employees.

ASTD is now the
Association for Talent Development

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Help Us Grow!

When you make a purchase from the National ATD Store, a portion of the sale is shared with the Tallahassee chapter.

Simply enter the code CH9111 when you check out.

Programs & Learning Events

Oct 28
12 Noon - 1:00 PM

Learning Management Sytems
Special Interest Group 

The Learning Management Systems SIG, a lunchtime discussion led by Jeffrey Stachnik of the Department of Economic Opportunity, is a forum for trainers and instructors seeking input on the topic from other industry professionals. Discussion will cover seeking an LMS, implementation, taking your LMS to the next level, and exploring changes. 

The Learning Management Systems SIG explores how your LMS and training department can easily become a strategic tool to achieve your agency's business goals.

This event is free, but we do ask that you RSVP. Bring your own lunch.

Nov 4
12 Noon - 1:00 PM

Get the Right People in the Right Seat:
Performance Improvement Special Interest Group

What if you had top-notch, knock 'em dead, A+ performers in every position in your organization? How much more could you produce? How much more profitable would you be? How many fewer people would really need to get the job done?

Studies show that only 12% of workers are classified by their supervisors as "A" performers. The Gallop workforce studies indicate that less than a fourth of all workers say they are actively engaged in their work. As a matter of fact, on average, managers have reported that an astounding 73% of their workers perform at or below C level.

At this meeting we will talk about how you get the right people in the right seat. Seems appropriate that this session should happen on Election Day.

We will be talking about the hiring process and when and how to use assessments to make the process more "scientific'. There are a number of assessments on the market but we will base this discussion on the Core Value Index (CVI) from Taylor Protocols. 

When you register for this session we will send you a link to take the CVI assessment before you come to the session. During the session Bill Wilson will share with you a model for employee selection and walk you through your CVI report so you can:
  • Find those A+ players for every position.
  • Be able to better align people and jobs - using the CVI - to improve performance from your existing staff without increased costs, and
  • Better understand yourself and how you and your team can work more effectively together.
Studies also reveal that just one A+ performer can produce the equivalent of 3 to 5 C employees. So choosing the right person is the first step toward success.

This event is free, but we do ask that you RSVP. Bring your own lunch.

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